Educational events

​The team regularly provide clinical support via education evenings. These events are targeted for both clinicians and patients. Please contact the venue directly to book a space on any of our talks. If you have an idea for a talk would like one of the team to talk at an event you are hosting then please get in touch with us.

Upcoming Events

Conservative and Surgical management of the pediatric foot. A GP Event – Spire Dunedin Hospital (24th March 2021)
Presenter: Mr Nev Davies and Mr Nick Gallogly

Management of the top 3 adult and paediatric foot pathologies in primary care – GP Surgery talk (Nov 18th)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Common foot and ankle problems with Q&A– A patient event – Berkshire Independent Hospital (16th April 2020)
Presenter: Mr Mahadevan

Running Injuries Lecture Evening – Fortius London. Clinical Event (11th March 2020)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

A career beyond Engineering – University of Reading, Biomedical Engineering students and faculty, (2nd March 2020)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction in athletes – Capital physio, Harley Street (10th February 2020)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Head to toe orthoses for children – GP teaching Event, Farnham Castle (16th January 2020)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Conservative management of the foot and ankle – Complete Physio, Caversham (14th January 2020)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

European Foot and Society meeting – Helsinki (6-7th Dec)
Attended by Mr Mahadevan

Conservative management of the foot and ankle – GP teaching (29th Nov)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society: Annual congress – Nottingham (13-15th Nov)
Attended by Mr Dev Mahadevan, Mr Nugent and Mr Gallogly

Fortius International Sports injury conference – London (6-8th Nov)
Attended by Mr Gallogly

British Society for Children`s orthopaedic Surgery: Current concepts – Glasgow (6-8th Nov)
Attended by Mr Davies

Faculty of FRCS (Tr & Orth) Clinical Examination Course – Chesterfield (13-14th Oct 2019)
Examiner: Mr Mahadevan

British Orthopaedic Association – Liverpool (10-13 Sept)
Attended by Mr Mahadevan and Mr Nugent

Reduced ankle and 1st MTPJ range in professional rugby – Bath Rugby Event (12th Nov)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Orthotics in Neuro-rehabilitation” – Thames Valley medicine training programme (17thOct)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Paediatric orthotic management in MSK and Neuro – GP teaching event (4th Oct)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Alignment considerations in AFO prescriptions – Regional
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Foot and ankle pathomechanics –Podiatrist teaching event
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

KAFO “in a perfect world –Basingstoke (22-23rd May)
Attended by Mr Gallogly

Understanding the forces acting upon the knee & the methods to reduce them – GP teaching (15th July)
Presenter: Mr Gallogly

Kings Charcot Foot Reconstruction: Symposium and Cadaver Workshop – London (24th- 25th June)
Attended by Mr Mahadevan and Mr Gallogly

​GP Lunch and Learn

​As a team we are keen to engage with out GP colleagues via Lunch and Learn sessions. These are short informative talks situated at GP surgeries. Please see a list of the talks that are offered by each of the team. For a lunch and learn session, please contact us directly.​

Mr Nev Davies

  • ​Children’s Orthopaedics for GPs – all you need to know
  • Knee injuries – how to diagnose them in clinic without MRI and new operative treatments
  • Does my patient really need a new Knee? The role of Osteotomy and half knee replacement
  • Ponseti – how it revolutionised world clubfoot management
  • Flat feet, Curvy Spines and limping kids – what to do?
  • Growing pains and achy kids

Mr Nick Gallogly

  • ​Orthotic management of the diabetic foot
  • How to assess and diagnose a foot in 10mins
  • Hands on practical foot and ankle workshop
  • Orthotic management of stroke
  • Identification and management of tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction in primary care – a missed opportunity
  • Orthotic management of the arthritic knee
  • Identification and management of the top three adult and paediatric foot pathologies Conservative management of cerebral palsy
  • Gait analysis – sense or nonsense?

​Mr Dev Mahadevan​

  • The ‘grumbling’ ankle after a sprain – what to consider
  • Hallux rigidus – current non-operative and surgical techniques
  • Ankle arthritis – ankle replacement vs. ankle arthrodesis
  • Adult acquired flat foot – treatment strategy
  • Achilles tendon problems – tendinopathies and ruptures
  • Bunion surgery

Mr Ian Nugent

  • Midfoot arthritis – Management strategies
  • Ankle ligament and tendon injuries –Surgical and conservative options
  • Differential diagnosis of forefoot conditions
  • Vitamin D deficiency in athletes
  • Changing pattern of inflammatory arthritis in the foot and ankle