Patient Testimonials

I was referred to see Nick by Mr Mahadevan because of my painful flat foot. Mr Mahadevan felt that surgery was liley given the level of pain I had. Nick spent time in making me understand my presentation and therefore the reasons for the type of insole I needed. He put me at ease and explained things in a way I could understand. I no longer have pain in my foot enough to feel that surgery is right for me now but I do feel safe in the knowledge that both Nick and Mr Mahadevan will be there for me if that time comes.

Mrs PF – September 2021

I have been looked after by Mr Gallogly for almost 5 years. I was suffering with alwful back and foot pain. He has helped me greatly with a build up to me trainer and insoles. I cannot recommend him enough.

Mrs AR – January 2022

Mr Gallogly looks after my son for an AFO. We had tried services in London and Hampshire, all of which ended up in a splint that rubbed and my son refused to wear. Mr Gallogly has given my son the ability to walk with stability and comfort and we cannot recommend him enough for those who are suffering in a similar way.

Parent – February 2022

Mr Mahadevon was amazing and changed my life. I first came to see him in a lot of pain unable to walk properly after trying a few treatments I had an operation performed by Dr Mahadevon. I am now pain-free and looking forward to getting running again. Couldn’t recommend Dr Mahadevon enough.

Jan 2022 – Morton’s neuroma

Having seen quite a few consultants over the years, Mr Mahadevan is easily one of the nicest I have meet. Following an MRI, I left understanding exactly what was wrong, what I can do to manage it and what my options are if / when things get worse. Mr Mahadevan was just lovely – he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, listened to and answered all my questions and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Jan 2022 – Arthritis

Great care and attention to detail, and clearly passionate about patient care and drive to get the best possible results. Would recommend to anyone looking for the best treatment available.

Jan 2022 – Arthroscopy, osteochondral fixation, syndesmosis stabilisation, lateral ligament reconstruction 

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Mahadevan; I have been very impressed with the care I have received from him and his team. From pre-op to aftercare I have felt well informed and confident in the treatment I was having. The surgery and treatment has meant I can look forward to more years of activity, now pain free.

Jan 2022 – Haglund deformity

I took to Mr Mahadevan on first contact. He explained to me all aspects of the procedure that I was contemplating and presented all options in a frank and honest way. I needed a strong advocate for the procedure suggested and he did not waiver at any stage in assuring me that ankle fusion was the right choice. In this he presented irrefutable evidence that, after some months, matters would turn out well. He was so correct in his judgement. Once decided the procedure was carried out with all appropriate feedback and reassurance throughout. The recovery period was a hard and rocky road of three months plaster cast but I was well prepared for what to expect. Monitoring visits and three plaster changes were carried out by him personally and this unusual (in my experience) and welcome involvement provided every opportunity to discuss progress and any concerns. It has now been seven months and I am totally recovered and able to do so much more than I could previously. This means 20 Km road bike, 40 minutes of Pilates, and 3km dog walk each and every fay. 18 holes of golf are a breeze. In conclusion, this is all down to Mr Mahadevan’s expertise. I am so grateful to him and all of his staff for what they have done for me.

Dec 2021 – Arthritic ankle at stage 4

Mr Mahadevan was personable and approachable but informative and showing his expertise in his chosen foot surgery field. It is four months after my operation and my foot has healed really well and I can now enjoy wearing strappy sandals again – no more unsightly toe or bunion!

June 2021 – Cross-over toe and bunion

Dr Mahadevan is very professional and knowledgable. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about my condition as well as the recommended treatment options. He carried out an aspiration of my cyst and although it didn’t solve the problem (as he predicted), I look forward to seeing him again to undergo surgery which was originally proposed.

June 2021 – Cyst on foot

Outstanding surgeon who fills you with confidence with his calm and professional nature from the very beginning. Having had this surgery before from another hospital that failed I was apprehensive but have to say the whole experience was amazing.

June 2021 – Broken foot

Incredibly knowledgeable and explained the injury and surgery that was required brilliantly. Put me at ease from the get go and I could not be happier with the outcome.

May 2021 – Pain at base of big toe – Cheilectomy required

Once he had X-ray and MRI results, Mr Mahadevan explained to me the issues they showed in a very friendly straightforward easy to understand way, and drew little diagrams to demonstrate. I was grateful for his kindness and reassurance, and particularly impressed by his readiness to “sign me off”, no pressure for treatment, surgery, steroid injections – a ‘leave well alone if not strictly necessary’ professional approach. But – with the offer to get back to him if things longer term don’t settle, for targeted steroid injections. Very glad to have sought his experience and advice.

May 2021 – Pain along arch sides feet, found to be due to joint deterioration

I cannot recommend Mr Gallogly highly enough. Following various sports injuries and problems with her knees and ankles, and consultations with a variety of consultants, my teenage daughter was able to return to playing top level sport thanks to Nick Gallogly. His approach is very hands on and practical, and his manner is so likeable and cheerful, that he immediately put my daughter at ease and we both have utter faith in him. My daughter now wears customised Orthotics, personally overseen by Nick, which have enabled her to return to sport pain-free. Seeing Nick Gallogly completely turned things around for us.

September 2020

I wish that I had seen Nick Gallogly as soon as my symptoms began to show a need for treatment. I had seen physios, podiatrists and a couple of foot and ankle specialists prior to seeing Nick and my condition had managed to get from an initial partial tear to the Tibialis Posterior Tendon to Stage 2 Tibialis Posterior Tendon Insufficiency.

The conservative treatment that Nick gave me not only got me pain free at night but in a position where even surgery couldn’t have improved my situation. At all times he was exceptionally considerate to my physical and emotional well-being and I always felt that he gave me time in each appointment to ask all of the questions that I had and to explain the process to me.

We felt that not only did he know what he was doing with regards to my treatment but he also really cared.

July 2018

I have spent 12 years looking for an insole that not just allows me to walk but also reduces the amount of pain I go through every day. I have seen numerous specialists within that time and usually this is a very stressful period. Because it takes 3 to 5 attempts to make the insole that fits the needs of my foot. Nick was the first consultant I have met to be excited about the challenge. Not only did he have it designed and made within 10 days, It fit me perfectly first time with complete relief of pain.

GR – Paralympic Rower
May 2018

Dear Mr Mahadevan,
I am so pleased with the result – the scar is already barely visible and it is a treat to be free of the discomfort when walking.

March 2018

Dear Mr Mahadevan,
Thank you for remaining with me on my surgical journey with the encouragement and kindness you have shown me. I only wish I had plucked up the courage to have the confidence to share my pain earlier, but in hindsight, you were the miracle I needed.

December 2017

Dear Mr Mahadevan
Thank you for ‘sorting out’ my problem toe …. I have now no discomfort from my second left toe (in fact I am totally unaware of it). I am very grateful to you.

August 2017

I discovered Nick just 2 weeks before competing at the Olympic Games in Rio. He went far out of his way to help me and his attention to detail as well as his determination to get it right was incredible. For the first time ever I am not getting blisters with my insoles which are the most comfortable I have ever owed. Thank you Nick.

Ms F H
September 2016

Dear Mr Mahadevan,
I would like to say thank you very much to yourself and the rest of your team. I feel I had to let you know that I felt I was given excellent care and respect from all of you at all times.

May 2016

I went to see Nick with a complex ankle joint and walking gait that needed swift resolution, given additional compounding knee pain. The way in which he analysed, explained and developed a solution to my problem was extremely impressive. His approach focuses solely upon the patient, with significant attention to detail to ensure the best possible outcome, including iterations and interaction to ensure success. The way in which he combines his medical engineering and biomechanical knowledge makes him unique and certainly one of the country’s most respected specialists in this field. Having now received two pairs of revised, or ’special’ shoes, as my children refer to them, I can already physically feel the difference, which has had a positive impact upon my daily activity levels. This is only down to the most impressive care that Nick has provided, for which I am extremely grateful.

Mr N M
March 2016

Nick has been a tremendous asset since joining the London Irish medical team as a consulting Orthotist.

He has undertaken baseline pre season assessments on all our squad which allows us to try and reduce the risk of injury. Throughout the season he works alongside the medical team to ensure the players receive first class advice and treatment in order to reduce the risk of injury and return promptly from injury. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and a leading expert in his field.

Mr B O’Leary
Head of Medical Services, London Irish, February 2015

I consulted Nick Gallogly for my painful feet and walking difficulty. Nick did a full assessment of my feet and gait, explained the cause of my walking pain and suggested a treatment plan. His treatment resulted in a marked improvement in my condition, with reduced pain and improved mobility. Nick’s friendly manner and professional authority were very reassuring and I would recommend his services to anyone with foot problems.

Mrs L S
February 2014

Nick Gallogly provided an excellent and professional service when refurbishing my calliper which I wear due to polio. It had been tried by others before without success and I felt that I was not being listened to. I am very pleased with the finished product and would be happy to recommend him to others.

Mrs PL
February 2013