Up coming educational events 

The team regularly provide clinical support via education evenings. These events are targeted for both clinicians and patients. Please contact the venue directly to book a space on any of our talks. If you have an idea for a talk would like one of the team to talk at an event you are hosting then please get in touch with us.

GP Lunch and Learn  

As a team we are keen to engage with out GP colleagues via Lunch and Learn sessions. These are short informative talks situated at GP surgeries. Please see a list of the talks that are offered by each of the team. For a lunch and learn session, please contact us directly.​

Up coming educational events 

28th March 2019

Talk: Why does my foot and ankle hurt? Common conditions and treatment options

Speaker: Mr Dev Mahadevan

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, Newbury North

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25th March 2019

Talk: An MDT approach to foot and ankle conditions

Speaker: Mr Nick Gallogly

Venue: Clare Park Hospital, Farnham

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12th March 2019

Talk: How to manage common dance injuries

Speaker: Mr Nev Davies and Mr Dev Mahadevan

Venue: CircleReading Hospital

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29th  January 2019

Talk: Orthopaedic workshop for GP`s

Speaker: Mr Nev Davies and Mr Dev Mahadevan

Venue: The Village Hotel, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough

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GP Lunch and Learn  

Mr Nev Davies

  • Children’s Orthopaedics for GPs - all you need to know

  • Knee injuries - how to diagnose them in clinic without MRI and new operative treatments

  • Does my patient really need a new Knee? The role of Osteotomy and half knee replacement

  • Ponseti - how it revolutionised world clubfoot management

  • Flat feet, Curvy Spines and limping kids - what to do?

  • Growing pains and achy kids

Mr Nick Gallogly

  • Orthotic management of the diabetic foot

  • How to assess and diagnose a foot in 10mins

  • Hands on practical foot and ankle workshop

  • Orthotic management of stroke

  • Identification and management of tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction in primary care – a missed opportunity

  • Orthotic management of the arthritic knee

  • Identification and management of the top three adult and paediatric foot pathologies Conservative management of cerebral palsy

  • Gait analysis – sense or nonsense?

Mr Dev Mahadevan

  • The ‘grumbling’ ankle after a sprain - what to consider

  • Hallux rigidus - current non-operative and surgical techniques

  • Ankle arthritis - ankle replacement vs. ankle arthrodesis

  • Adult acquired flat foot - treatment strategy

  • Achilles tendon problems - tendinopathies and ruptures

  • Bunion surgery in the current financial climate

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